Wonders of the World will host a Gemstone Folklore class on February 19 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Wonders of the World Bead Shop located in the Flour Mill in Spokane. Class instructor Alex Morris will offer his perspective on both the scientific and metaphysical properties of gemstones and minerals and their use. “I’ll cover the history of stones and how they’ve been used by numerous religions and civilizations over the years, and then we’ll discuss how stones can help to manifest your goals and desires,” Morris explains. “This is a personal empowerment class as well. Your intention and your focus are really what imbues your stones with power.” Students will also learn how to properly cleanse and utilize stones.

Cost: $15; includes gemstone. Location: 621 W. Mallon St., Spokane. For more information, contact 509-325-2867 or sign up for the newsletter at WondersOfTheWorldInc.com.