For over 30 years, NW Cryobank has been assisting individuals and couples with their dream of creating healthy families. Located at 508 West 6th Avenue in Spokane, NW Cryobank offers one of the nation’s largest high-quality donor sperm catalogs as well as vitrified egg donor catalog. Their services also include artificial reproduction, sperm available for at-home insemination, donor egg bank, personal sperm, egg and embryo storage and andrology services.

“We invest very heavily in our screening of donors to ensure the highest quality donations,” says Vice President, Leora Westbrook. “Our DNA screening tests over 280 genes for genetic conditions. We also test for communicable diseases and conduct rigorous criminal background checks. Only one percent of those who apply are selected as donors.”

NW Cryobank works closely with OB-GYN doctors and patients pursuing in vitro fertilization and provides outreach to a variety of clients interested in starting or growing their family, including LGBTQ and Single Mothers by Choice (SMC). They also create opportunities for families to connect online. “Given the advancements in genetic testing and our immediate access to information via the Internet, there is no such thing as anonymous donors,” says Westbrook. “Which is why we created forums on our website intended to connect our NW Cryobank families in meaningful ways, including opportunities for families with the same donor to talk, post pictures and register siblings.”For more information about NW Cryobank family planning services or to become a donor, visit their website at or call 509-232-0132.