Author: Amber McKenzie

Cannibidiol Oil for Pets Helps Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Just as cannibidiol (CBD) oil has been found to help humans with a host of conditions, research finds that dogs and cats can also reap similar benefits from this health-enhancing herb. Pets can experience and be affected by anxiety when found in situations that include confinement, travel or unsettling noises. Many pets experience separation anxiety from their owners, which can often result in panic attacks. Some common symptoms of a panic attack include rapid breathing and heart rate, pacing, loss of appetite, hiding, dilated pupils, barking/meowing or whining more than usual and excessive licking or chewing on skin. While...

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Five Reasons to Try a Barre Class

by Jenny Wiglesworth With the results barre classes provide, it’s no wonder it’s a top choice for favorite workouts these days. Known most commonly as a dancer’s workout, with it’s high-intensity and low-impact focus, it’s now being seen as much more than that. Barre fitness workouts are a fusion of dance exercise, yoga and Pilates; great for any age or fitness level. Here are five reasons why barre should part of your everyday workout regimen. 1: Barre strengthens the glutes. A lot of workouts target the glutes, but not many are able to recruit all the ‘seat’ muscles simultaneously....

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New Owners at Downtown Spokane Grocery Outlet

Jack and Sage Dunaway are excited to announce that as of January 26, they are the new owners of the Downtown Spokane Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. The pair has a long history of working in Grocery Outlets. “Jack started working in his dad’s Grocery Outlet in Lebanon, Oregon, and I worked at my local Jackson, California, Grocery Outlet. After a few years we both moved on to the Grocery Outlet Corporate Set Team which is where we met,” shares Sage. “Our few years on the team consisted of helping open and remodel Grocery Outlets all across the West coast...

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North Idaho Wellness Fair in Coeur d’Alene

The sixth annual North Idaho Health and Wellness Fair is being held March 28 from 4 to 7:30 p.m. at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. The event, presented by North Idaho Wellness, features more than 100 local health and wellness booths offering free raffles, specials and giveaways including fresh-pressed juice and mini acai bowls courtesy of The Wellness Bar. 

Monica Lang Engebretsen, fair organizer and owner of the North Idaho Wellness Bars, says, “We’ll have some amazing health and wellness providers from Eastern Washington and North Idaho in attendance, including fitness experts, chiropractors, nutrition consultants, weight-loss experts, natural beauty consultants,...

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North Spokane Grocery Outlet Strives for Healthy Foods at Affordable Prices

by Sheila Julson When Jim Read started selling discounted military surplus under the name Cannery Sales in San Francisco in 1946, little did he know he was paving the foundation for Grocery Outlet, a successful chain of value grocery stores. The North Spokane Grocery Outlet location opened June 1999, and in November 2012, Lisa Weaver, who worked at the North Spokane Grocery Outlet for nine years in the produce department, as a cashier and in management positions, purchased the store. Lisa and her husband, Russ Weaver, strive to continue the Grocery Outlet mission with vast offerings, including healthy and...

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