Our Story:

On August 4, 2016, I lost the love of my life: My mom. That rock solid, dependable, perfectly imperfect being that had been there my entire life. She was every cliche imaginable; My lighthouse, beacon, home, heart, compass – she was the center of my universe. I knew that no matter where I traveled or lived in the world, I had a place to return. I thought that without her, my light would go out and I would be directionless, sad, empty. Little did I know, as she transitioned on to bigger and better things, a new and completely unexpected life journey was unfolding.

The instant my mom gave me the Natural Awakenings Charlotte magazine, electricity flowed through my fingers. My sister, Shannon, had just started publishing the magazine in her area, and gave several copies to our mom while they were visiting the Mayo Clinic for mom’s heart condition. After reading it cover to cover, I said to mom, “We need this magazine here!” I loved the informative articles, positive natural/holistic content, the local focus, and inspiring messages. I began investigating what it would take to bring the magazine to the Inland Northwest, and my mom was right there with me. It was during this investigation that my mom’s heart and other organs began deteriorating. She was sick, and getting sicker. Time stood still during those final months, weeks and days. Every single second mattered. Every word, touch, whisper, laugh, breath, all of it mattered. And when our mom breathed her last breath and released from her body, my sister, brother and I were right there holding her with all the strength and courage we could muster.

Life would never be the same. I didn’t know what to do. Without mom there, where was I? The world felt so different; I had no choice but to go inward. I meditated and asked for guidance. It was in that quiet space that I found my small, yet powerful, inner voice and a new direction. After 23 years in the field of international education, and 14 years with Gonzaga University – I quit everything I knew to pursue something completely different:
Publishing Natural Awakenings Inland Northwest. My goal is to provide a centralized place where individuals can gain insight into naturally improving the health and wellness of their mind, body and spirit. I hope you will join me on this journey of transformation!

Our Mission:

To connect, educate, and support the natural and holistic living communities of the Inland Northwest.

Natural Awakenings Background: Healthy living entrepreneur Sharon Bruckman launched the first Natural Awakenings magazine in Naples, Florida in 1994 in response to a strong local holistic health community and thousands of like-minded readers eager to connect with each other. The publication became an immediate success. A second edition soon followed, and the magazine has continued to grow ever since. Today Natural Awakenings is in nearly 90 markets nationwide, and growing.

What We Offer:

Each month Natural Awakenings magazines across the country take a practical look at the latest natural approaches to nutrition, fitness, creative expression, personal growth and sustainable living. We interview national experts we think you’d like to meet. We offer inspiring how-to articles. Each month brings fresh perspective around a timely theme sure to pique your interest.

Local Focus:

At the front of each community issue, we present global news and views as a complement to news and events of local interest. We highlight healing arts practitioners in the local area. And we connect you with a wealth of national and local resources mapping out alternate routes to a healthier, happier, longer life. A life that feels good all the way around. “We love to spread light,” Bruckman smiles. “We rejoice that our readers take responsibility for their own health and well-being. Our magazines speak to them. And the authentic beauty of their lives lets us know how we’re doing. This give and take of collaboration sweetens and enlivens the journey for everyone.”

Questions?! We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at: publisher@NaturalAwakeningsINW.com